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Campus Master Plan

Campus districts

Sports and Recreation District

Key Recommendations

1. Multi-season Turf Field

To extend the use of the field, the CMP proposes converting the existing grass field north of the SRC into a lit turf field. This field would benefit from proximity to the enhanced SRC facility and additions.

2. Stadium Support and Concessions

Situated between the resurfaced track and Beldon Field, a new 6,500-GSF stadium support building provides access to storage, concessions, and restrooms.

3. Relocated and Updated Equestrian Paddocks

In an effort to shift existing equestrian structures out of the forest buffer zone, the CMP recommends relocating and expanding the paddocks north of the proposed turf field. This location maintains proximity to existing equestrian facilities while enhancing the quality of space.

4. Fitness and Gym Addition and Renovation to Sports and Recreation Complex (SRC)

The CMP proposes an approximately 27,000-GSF addition to the west side of the SRC with additional spaces for fitness, an auxiliary gym, and storage. Additionally, renovations to existing spaces are proposed as well as the repurposing of the Todd Dance Studio for fitness and outdoor activity support uses after the relocation of all dance classes to the new integrated arts building.

5. Resurfaced Track

In an effort to support existing recreation and athletics programs, as well as to support broader community use, the CMP recommends that the track be resurfaced.

6. Natatorium and Lockers

An approximately 45,000-GSF natatorium is proposed to replace the existing 10,000-GSF swimming pool, which would be demolished as part of the CMP. The proposed natatorium would provide facilities to support the future of swimming at Goucher as well as use by partners such as the North Baltimore Aquatic Club (NBAC) with one of only two 50-meter Olympic-quality indoor swimming facilities in Maryland. An additional 17,000 GSF is proposed as part of the east addition to the SRC for lockers and support.

7. Parking Structure

A structured parking garage with approximately 250 spaces is proposed to the east of the SRC. The CMP proposes that this structured parking will consolidate distributed parking across campus and serve to accommodate peak parking loads during events in the Sports and Recreation District.

8. Sports and Recreation Spine and Connecting Trail

The proposed Sports and Recreation Spine converts the existing 54-foot right of way between the SRC and tennis courts and converts it into a 20-foot shared street that prioritizes pedestrian movement, while accommodating vehicular, service, and emergency access. Widened sidewalks, additional trees and vegetation, seat walls, and differentiated paving help reinforce pedestrian movement.