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Campus Master Plan

Sustainability Framework

      Proposed Sustainability Framework

      Efficient Infrastructure

      To support the development of facilities proposed in the CMP outside of the campus loop road, a green district is proposed. The green district is composed of buildings in the Sports and Recreation District that should be designed for individual heating and cooling systems that have sustainable designs, including but not limited to geothermal and heat pump technologies. Conversely, the CMP proposes that buildings located within the campus loop road connect to the central heating and cooling system; major investments are required to improve the efficiency of that system. As a result, the CMP proposes investment in efficient commercial equipment at the green district to achieve near-term sustainability goals.

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      Sustainable Campus Environment

      Throughout CMP engagements, it was reinforced that sustainability is a central piece of the Goucher College experience. From the woodland buffer to student-built gardens and environmental sustainability learning requirements, the desire to go beyond Goucher’s existing Silver STARS rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) is evident. The CMP proposes embedding sustainability in the main physical components of campus, while the Sustainability Strategies section of the report goes into greater detail regarding how Goucher will be recognized as a comprehensive leader in sustainability and resilience through the prioritization and implementation of additional visionary and tangible strategies. Across campus, the CMP proposes that sustainability is a consideration in each of the following categories that complement and help achieve Goucher’s sustainability goals and priorities.

      • Buildings
      • Landscape
      • Mobility
      • Infrastructure
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