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Campus Master Plan

Student Life Framework

      Comprehensive Network of Student Life Spaces

      The Goucher College Student Life Master Plan, completed in 2014, focused on a five-year horizon for the creation and renovation of spaces where student life takes place, but did not extend to a long-term vision for the creation of additional dedicated student life spaces for gathering and community growth. Throughout the CMP process, students and advocates repeatedly requested additional dedicated student life space on campus. The CMP proposes bolstering the feeling that the heart of campus is located between Mary Fisher Hall and the Ungar Athenaeum by adding dedicated, student-focused space for gatherings, student government, and student organization programs. Adding functional and appropriately sized space develops a compact Campus Core that complements the Academic, Residential, and Sports and Recreation districts.

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      Campus Core

      To cultivate the sense of a welcoming student experience across the campus, student life hubs are proposed throughout campus. CMP campus engagements illustrated that the Mary Fisher Dining Center, the Ungar Athenaeum, the SRC, and the equestrian paddocks are especially welcoming already. This is largely due to the staff working in these areas. Conversely, areas that could use improvement or that have been significantly impacted by policies implemented as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic include the academic buildings, residential halls, and gathering spaces such as Alice’s Café and the Gopher Hole. The CMP proposes that new student life hubs be appropriately sized to complement and support student activities. Each of these hubs is designed to replicate this success and reflect a unique sense of place and purpose.

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      Goucher Alumnae/i on Campus
      As far back as the early 1900s Goucher’s alumnae have called the Goucher campus its home: from occupying space in the Alumnae Lodge and Goucher House located on the old city campus to being a familiar part of what anchored fond memories to campus life when they were in Froelicher and Van Meter Hall at the Towson campus. A permanent physical space on campus was solidified when a programming effort under the leadership of the Committee on Planning a Permanent Alumnae House (Chair Virginia Merritt 1915 and Vice Chair Janet Jeffery Harris 1930) resulted in a Robert Hutchins design suitable to meet the needs of all alumnae, and later alumni. Construction of what is now known as Buchner Hall (honoring Louisa Whildin Buchner ‘26) was completed in June of 1956. A number of renovations and expansions have been completed over the years to help “… Make Our House a Home.” The original dining hall, lounge, bedrooms, and dormitory spaces have been changed into the offices and gathering spaces we have today. What never changed is the notion that the Alumnae/i Association still has its home on the Goucher campus. This notion is not planned to change over the 15 year span of this plan. In fact, the notion will be reinforced as the presence of Goucher’s Alumnae/i Association on campus is reinforced by another expansion of the building. The plan calls for the creation of a larger facility bringing together the Goucher student of the past, with the student of present and future.
      Alumnae/i House