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Campus Master Plan

Mobility Framework

      Proposed Mobility Framework

      The CMP proposes a simplified understanding of campus land use that is clear and understandable for the Goucher campus community and visitors alike. The land use components define a progression around campus. At the center are the clear and accessible main connecting pathways between each district. Beyond the main districts is the campus loop road, which facilitates vehicular circulation and rapid accessible access to entry points for each district. Furthest out from the core are the support facilities and the woodlands with connection points to the surrounding community. The land use and route to an adjacent land use should be clear at each step in this progression.

      Aerial view of Van Meter Highway
      Disabled student
      Aerial view of First Year Village
      Girl on skateboard
      Prioritize Non-vehicular Movement Within the Core

      Within the campus core, as defined by the area within the campus loop road, the CMP proposes prioritizing non-vehicular movement consisting of pedestrians, bicycles, and those moving through other means. To encourage safe and efficient movements, clearly marked and dedicated drop-off zones and accessible parking spaces are located at specific areas along the campus loop road to align with universally accessible routes into and across the campus core. The CMP proposes implementing consistent guidelines for bicycle and pedestrian pathways and ensuring safe separation of routes as well as the accessibility and lighting improvements described in the Inclusion Framework section. Corresponding with the Land Use Framework section, the CMP proposes universally accessible and well-lit pathways to connect to well-lit, accessible building entries and to a proposed sidewalk network along the campus loop road.