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Campus Master Plan

Building and Land Use Framework

      Proposed Building and Land Use Framework

      The CMP proposes a land use framework that further defines building use districts as a reinterpretation of the original clusters and aligns building and landscape use to promote the flow of campus activities. Clearly defined districts also help rationalize a progression from district to district and informs wayfinding as described further in the Mobility Framework section.

      Mary Fisher Dining Center exterior
      Co-locating Program in Districts

      The CMP reinforces existing campus districts, including the Academic District to the west, Residential District to the east, and Sports and Recreation District to the north, all anchored by the Campus Core in the heart of campus. Support facilities are located along Goucher Road, known as the Loop Road, outside of the campus core. Within the academic district, the CMP recommends that all arts programs, including satellite spaces associated with the performing arts for dance, music, and theater, be consolidated within a new interdisciplinary arts building. Completing the academic quad, as described by the CMP, will foster exploration and align with the academic mission by creating space for interdisciplinary collaboration and exploration. Additionally, this increases access to the arts for visitors and community partners, including the Peabody Institute, by reducing the distance between each program and Kraushaar Auditorium.

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      Additional proposed clustering of uses within districts includes the following:

      • Creating an administrative hub in the Dorsey College Center that can accommodate flexible work styles and flagship community academic programs, such as the Goucher Prison Education Partnership (GPEP)
      • Reorganizing the equestrian and sports and recreation facilities to support student athletes and eliminate conflicts with the forest buffer
      • Reusing the Stimson Hall site as housing and landscape zones to create an active, student-life-centered terminus to Van Meter Highway
      • Relocating a variety of academic and career support services from Van Meter Hall and the Julia Rogers Building into Ungar Athenaeum and the Learning Commons to increase utilization of the space and provide for greater interdisciplinary interaction at the campus core
      Aligned Building and Landscape Use

      The CMP proposes building upon the legacy of planning at Goucher by investing in three land use concepts that align the use of buildings and landscape. First, creating fully accessible quads for each major use district surrounded by restored woodlands. Second, framing major active ground floor uses with fully accessible plaza spaces to encourage indoor and outdoor use for all. Finally, providing the infrastructure necessary for events and gatherings through the pairing of large event-oriented landscape zones with pavilions to support and augment event programming.