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Campus Master Plan

Purpose of the Plan

The 2022 Goucher College Campus Master Plan (CMP) translates the key pillars set forth in the Goucher College Strategic Plan 2021-2025 into a vision for the physical transformation of Goucher’s campus over the next 15 years. The CMP builds on a legacy of planning at Goucher College by identifying areas for investment in existing structures and landscapes and looks to the future of education and pedagogy by illustrating a coordinated approach to growth and consolidation aligned with Goucher’s priorities.

Key Pillars from the Strategic Plan referenced throughout the CMP process include the following:

  • Exploration
  • Opportunity
  • Strength

Goucher selected the Boston-based architecture and campus-planning firm Sasaki to embed these pillars into the CMP. The CMP integrates several recent capital projects and educational delivery updates with the historic legacy of Goucher’s Towson campus and the Goucher community’s goals for the future. These elements were embedded into the CMP through involvement by the representatives from Goucher College and the wider community who were involved throughout the planning process.

Campus master plan meeting of administrators
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Students looking at campus master plans

Planning Principles

The CMP is guided by the following principles, which build upon the Community Principles and Key Pillars outlined in the Strategic Plan. Principles describe the values that inform decision making during implementation of the plan. For each principle a series of goals and strategies were created. Goals describe the end-state of the plan and provide benchmarks to evaluate projects. Strategies describe specific actions to achieve the goals and are embedded within the CMP.

1. Inclusion
2. Exploration
3. Community
4. Sustainability
5. Design Excellence

Planning Definitions

Campus map

Big Ideas for the next 15 years that illustrate the bold steps that Goucher College will take to create a physical environment that prepares students to make a difference in the world.

Campus map

Key recommendations organized into diagrams describing proposed development, building and land use, open space, inclusion, mobility, and sustainability. A comprehensive approach for Goucher’s campus emerges by viewing these frameworks together.

Campus Districts map

The CMP envisions Goucher College’s campus divided into four primary districts: the Academic District, Campus Core, Residential District, and Sports and Recreation District.

For questions or comments, email campus.masterplan@goucher.edu.