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Campus Master Plan

Inclusion Framework

      Proposed Inclusion Framework

      The CMP builds upon the opportunities outlined in the strategic plan and proposes investment in “initiatives designed to foster a climate of inclusion and confront the legacies of racism, antisemitism, and sexism.” These are the commitments to the Goucher community, “Our People,” to becoming an inclusive institution that attracts and retains a highly qualified and diverse faculty and staff.

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      The CMP proposes beginning with holistic accessibility planning and upgrades, including the development of accessible design standards for internal and consultant use in renovation and new construction projects and an accessibility map for campus to be shared with new Goucher community members. Pairing these initiatives with the prioritization and implementation of proposed CMP projects will enable Goucher to close gaps in the accessibility network and to identify opportunities for incremental upgrades as maintenance projects are completed. Several proposed projects focus on arrival points to buildings in the campus core and universally accessible access through main campus corridors. The CMP proposes investment in identifying and creating mobility amenity and access zones to coordinate with partner projects such as the Towson Loop expansion, which is further detailed in the mobility section of this document.

      Concurrent with and supporting the development of accessibility design standards, the CMP proposes the development of holistic design standards that diversify the building material, landscape, site, and plant palettes with the goal of promoting and celebrating the diverse identities of the Goucher community while maintaining consistent accessible elements. Focus areas described in the CMP include the creation of an art walk celebrating the number of pieces across campus as well as potential additions to the collection representing a broad range of artist backgrounds and locations for murals to support identity expression.

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      Finally, the CMP recommends elevating and learning from successful initiatives already in place at Goucher College. CREI would relocate to the proposed Student Engagement Center at the heart of campus along Van Meter Highway, with sufficient space for expansion and proximity to other dedicated student spaces. While CREI is a successful place for students to grow and learn, faculty and staff at Goucher have limited common space. The CMP proposes setting aside space for faculty and staff learning and gathering in a model echoing that of CREI. Similarly, the CMP recommends taking guidance from the research team and the descendant families identified as part of the ongoing Hallowed Ground Project to define signage and other memorials to commemorate the history of the land prior to Goucher College relocating to Towson. The CMP also proposes a connection to the Hampton National Historic Site to the north of Interstate 695 via a woodland trail in coordination with the Hallowed Ground Project.