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Campus Master Plan

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Residential District

Key Recommendations

1. Student Life Housing

Throughout the Residential District, the CMP proposes several renovations and new construction projects to elevate existing buildings to the current accommodation standards and to accommodate expected enrollment growth. To that end, the CMP proposes approximately 120,000 GSF of additional housing concentrated on the former Stimson Hall site following its demolition. The proposed additional housing and renovation projects should include spaces for gathering and individual exploration and expression along the main pathways. Additionally, accommodations for housing 5 to 10 percent of faculty on campus should be included in all future housing projects, both new construction and planned renovations. Proposed projects include the following:

  • Renovation to Heubeck Hall
  • Renovation to Mary Fisher Hall
  • Stimson Hall site redevelopment
2. President's House Renovation

The CMP includes addressing deferred maintenance and implementing renovations to the President’s House, originally designed by Hideo Sasaki in 1957, to both restore its historic elegance but also meet the needs of its use today as a primary site for fundraising for Goucher as well as providing a residence for Goucher’s president and their family.

3. Accessible Residential Quads

Related to the proposed accessible Winslow Great Lawn, the CMP proposes regrading the slope to the north of Van Meter Highway between the two existing stairs to create an accessible ramp from the lower grade of Van Meter Highway up to the grade of the existing residential quads. Similarly, the CMP proposes regrading and installing ramps where necessary at the entrances to residential buildings surrounding the quads to enable accessible entryways.

4. Student Life Plaza and Outdoor Game Area

Flexible activity areas are proposed between Heubeck and the proposed student life housing to foster student interaction. There is potential for a portion of this area to be completed following the demolition of the existing Stimson buildings and prior to the construction of the proposed housing.

5. Student Life Connector

The CMP proposes investment in the pathway along the eastern edge of Heubeck to foster connection between the proposed student life housing on the Stimson Hall site and the First-Year Village, as well as to create an accessible and well-lit pathway inset from the campus loop road. Renovations to select community spaces within the existing residential buildings along this connector should be considered to add activity and introduce new accessible entryways.

6. Van Meter Highway Terminus

Associated with the proposed student life housing on the Stimson Hall site, a space dedicated for residential gathering and exploration is positioned at the end of Van Meter Highway. The CMP proposes an active student space that would appear as a beacon, visible while traversing the campus core, and providing a location to host specific student life programming.

7. Housing Courtyards

Intimately scaled courtyard spaces are proposed surrounding the proposed housing to provide dedicated space for the residents, separate from the activity of Van Meter Highway and with views and connections toward the woodlands.